Tower-LCC Firmware C7a Update.

Be sure that you are using JMRI version 4.24 or later. If you have nodes # or earlier that have never been upgraded, then first go to Tower-LCC-Upgrade.html.

Using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, (NOT Microsoft Edge) download the latest firmware. (e.g. 'TowerLCC_C7a_UPDATE.hex')

Note that the C7 upgrade will also update your existing configuration data which is stored in a different NVR chip. (see below)

C7a Updates Include:

C6 Updates Include:

C5b Updates Include:
C5a also includes all C5a updates:

C5a also includes all C5 updates:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because the CDI now uses different names for many variables, all existing CDI backup files created with older node firmware (before rev. C5) have become outdated. The C5-UPDATE doesn't affect your existing configuration, so it is strongly advised to create a new backup file immediately after updating to rev. C5.

Note: The Tower LCC includes a switching supply to provide power to its daughter cards efficiently. This means that it requires at least 8V from the bus to start up. This exceeds the current official 7.5V OpenLCB node operating minimum. This upgrade enforces that exception by preventing normal operation if the bus voltage is not sufficient.

Firmware Update

Note: Version C5 stores its Virtual Track Circuit information in a different format than version B5 did. If you are updating directly from B5 to C7 You will need to re configure the track circuit section after an upgrade. Do NOT restore a configuration saved from an earlier firmware version. It will destroy your virtual track circuit information.

When ever an update to your Tower LCC firmware is needed, a program such as "Firmware Update" in JMRI version 4.24 or ladvisedater is . Download the latest firmware version to your local JMRI User Files folder or someplace where you can easily access it.

To enter Firmware update mode:

  1. Start JMRI and select "LCC".

  2. Select ‘Firmware Update’ from the LCC drop down list.
Select LCC Firmware Update
  1. Click ‘Select’ to pick a firmware file.

  2. From the file menu, select: 'TowerLCC_C7a_UPDATE.hex' or the latest upgrade available.
  3. Select your 'Target Node ID'.
  4. Optionally you may check the ‘Lock Node’ check box to take the node off line during the upgrade.
  5. Click the 'Load' button to initiate the download to Tower-LCC revision C7.

  1. Wait until 'updating device firmware..' progress bar is complete and shows 'Operation Complete'.
  2. Open the OpenLCB Network Tree window. (LCC-Configure Nodes)
  3. The updated node should now show 'Model: Tower-LCC' and 'Software Version: rev-C6'.
  4. Any errors will be shown in the lower window ticker tape display.

If the node does not automatically enter boot mode and start the upgrade it may be forced into boot mode by un-powering it, then holding down the ‘Gold’ button as you power it up again. The gold LED should start flashing to indicate that it is in forced boot mode. This will also likely be required after a failed upgrade attempt.