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Tortoise Adapter Board with Tortoise
Qty. Key
Part # Description Unit Price Total

LCC LCC Power Point
LCC Power Injection Unit

LCC LCC Repeater LCC Repeater

LCC LCC Terminator Pair
LCC Segment Termination

LCC Buffer-USB LCC Buffer-USB

LCC LCC Starter Kit
LCC Power, Termination, Interface

LCC Tower LCC LCC 16 line I/O controller

LCC Signal LCC -S
LCC 16 LED plus 8 line controller - Screw Terminals

LCC Signal LCC -P LCC 16 LED plus 8 line controller - Pin Connections

Misc UN8 BE USB-Serial Adapter (e.g. for the NCE Power Pro)

LB-NG LocoBuffer-NG (Next Gen)

LN TC-Mark II Tower Controller 64 line I/O

LN 6P6C-5 5 Jack LocoNet extension cable

LN/SSB SSB-Adapter SSB to LocoNet plus power (includes 15V Power Supply)

LN/SSB SSB-Gateway SSB to Standalone LocoNet (includes 15V Power Supply)

MotorMan-III 8 output stall turnout driver

SSB SignalMan-P SignalMan Pin version

SSB SignalMan-C SignalMan Compression version

SSB SignalMan-S SignalMan Screw Terminal version

SSB SwitchMan TBA

SSB TowerMan 16 line I/O controller

SSB WatchMan 8 line Occupancy detector

I/O BOD-8 Block Occupancy Detector 8

Block Occupancy Detector 4 plus 4 inputs

Block Occupancy Detector 4, Turnout 2, (plus 4 inputs when used with LCC)

CT-Coils-8 Sense coils for BOD-8, WatchMan (set of 8)

CT-Coils-4 Sense coils for BOD4, BOD4-CP (set of 4)

CT-Coil Sense coil for detection

I/O I/O Test
I/O Test Board

I/O SMD-8 Stall Motor Driver Board

I/O SCSD-8 Solenoid Driver Board

I/O RB-4 Quad 10A SPDT Relay Board

I/O OI-IB-8 Opto Isolator Input Board - 8 channel

Misc SS-RGY-24 1.3mm x 2mm 3 color LED 24" leads

I/O FOB-A Fan Out Board Board Style-A (8 line)

I/O FOB-C Fan Out Board Board Style-C (16 line)

I/O CAB-10-100 Interconnect Cable #28 AWG 100'

I/O IDC-S10x25 IDC Connectors x 25ea.


IDC-Male Flange Mount


IDC-Male Flange Mount - With Latches

PS PS-S-15-1200 15V 1.2A Sw Power Supply

3TK2-1 I/O Module Mounting Track 1 pos

Mnt 3TK2-2 I/O Module Mounting Track 2 pos

Mnt 3TK2-2W I/O Wide Module Mounting Track 2 pos

Mnt 3TK2-3 I/O Module Mounting Track 3 pos

Mnt 3TK2-3W I/O Wide Module Mounting Track 3 pos

Mnt 3TK2-4 I/O Module Mounting Track 4 pos

Mnt 3TK2-4W I/O Wide Mounting Track 4 pos

3TK2-6 I/O Module Mounting Track 6 pos

QL Tortoise Quik-Link
Tortoise Driver Board

QL Tortoise Quik-Link Package
Tortoise Driver Board with Tortoise

QL Button Quik-Link
Button/Switch Unit

Tortoise Adapter Board

QL Tortoise TAB Package
Tortoise Adapter Board with Tortoise

QL Break-Out Quik-Link
Quik-Link Cable Breakout Board

QL CAB Servo M-M-4 Quik-Link Cable 4"

QL CAB Servo M-M-20 Quik-Link Cable 20"

QL CAB Servo M-F-39" Quik-Link Cable Extension 39"

2 to 4 Lever Connector

2 to 6 Lever Connector



Tax (only if shipped to NC) NC add 6-3/4%

Shipping and Handling             (US only)


CAB-10-100 incurs extra shipping charges Please inquire

Shipping and handling outside the US Please inquire



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